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The Roxbury Center for the Performing Arts offers classes in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, pointe, contemporary, leaps and turns, dance team preparation, and stretch/conditioning.  We are excited about our up and coming dance season. Enrollment starts at two years of age for girls and three years of age for boys. Looking forward to seeing you at registration in September.  


RCPA Handbook



In Beginner Ballet, dancers learn the foundations of ballet technique and classical movement. There is a strong focus on body awareness, coordination, rhythm, musicality, strength, and flexibility. Students complete barre work as well as practice and perform ballet combinations to classical ballet music. This is a transitional class geared to more serious levels of technical training.


Advanced Ballet is the most fundamental and disciplined of the dance principles and the foundation of a dancer's curriculum. Poise, technique, style, control, balance, and grace beautifully blend to form the magical presence of Ballet. After sufficient study of Ballet, a student is advanced to Pointe work.


An introduction or refresher course to get you familiar with the shiny shoes or to supplement your other ballet classes. There's a world of difference between demi- and full pointe! Our focus will be on the articulation of the feet, "rolling through" the shoe correctly, keeping the ankles in a straight line, and maintaining proper alignment of the rest of the body. Most time will be spent at the barre, followed by center work, and movements traveling across the floor. Pointe shoes are required.


Hip Hop takes on the styles of many forms of dance, including African dance, Breaking, Popping, and Locking. These styles are the oldest and most established of all the hip-hop dances. What separates hip-hop dance from other forms of dance is that it is often freestyle in nature. Here, students are given a solid foundation in several aspects of dance.

Hip Hop Boys and Girls: (6 Yrs. Old and Up) 1 hour Class

Adult Hip Hop: Only with Enough Interested Adults


Adult classes focus on improving coordination, strength, agility, flexibility and health & wellness. Students are allowed to exercise and practice in a warm collaborative environment. There is also a large focus on collaboration with instructors. Adults are encouraged to learn at their own pace and are supported by both instructors & classmates.

Adult Tap Beginner: Intermediate and Advanced Classes Available

Adult Jazz: Only with Enough Interested Adults

6 Yrs. Old and Up : 120 Min. Week Evening Class| Class includes 1 hour Tap and 1 hour Jazz

6 Yrs. Old and Up: 120 Min. Saturday Morning Class | Class includes 1 hour Ballet and 1 hour Hip Hop



Classes begin in September and run through the month of June following Boston Public School schedule.


We offer three payment plans to make class payment.  Please note that you will be expected to make your payment in full based on the payment plan you chose.  If your payment is not paid on time, your account will be assessed a late fee of $10.00 per month.  Tuition is the same each month regardless of the number of weeks in that month. There are no make-up classes or refunds for tuition.


Our annual dance recital in late Spring gives the students the opportunity to showcase their progress to family and friends. Costumes need to be paid for in full by the December 1st. Your account will be assessed a late charge of $10.00 if costume deposits are not paid by the due dates.  Paying your deposit on time means that costumes can be ordered early and received early.  Please note that this is only a deposit.  Your costumes may cost more or less than the deposit you pay.  You will be notified of the final cost of your costumes prior to the recital.  The location, date and time will be posted in early spring.


You should make every effort to attend class. If for some reason you don’t show up for class you will not be able to make up the class. There will be no credits for missed class or classes.


In case of inclement weather please following Boston Public school closing.


School uniform for girls is black leotards with school logo and your child’s name, beige or skin tone tights, pink ballet slippers, and black tap shoes.  Ballet skirts (for ballet class) and dance shorts (for tap, jazz and hip hop) are allowed, but not required.

For boys, black jazz pants or sweat pants, black T-shirts with school logo and child’s name, black jazz and tap shoes.  Boys must wear this attire for all classes. 

We have an individual who embroiders the logo and child’s name for $5.00 per item.

*Masks must be worn for all classes


 Please contact the school for more information 617-282-4561 or


 Please contact the school for more information 617-282-4561 or


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